Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ava's Fall Ball

Ava wanted to play ball again this fall, like she did in the spring. Except this time she is playing in the girls league, and its coach pitch. The season started out a little bumpy as she was learning to hit from a coach and not a tee, but now she is hitting pretty good, and more importantly enjoying herself.

thats her playing pitcher... the rest of my softball pics are still on the camera so i will get them off there and put them up too

Loni's birthday gift to Anna Kate

On my way to take Anna Kate to her party, I get a panicked phone call from Loni... she is on her way to the hospital, argueing with me that the "PAIN" she feels in her stomach are NOT contractions - guess older sister was right for a change huh noni - They admitted her to the hospital and precious baby Hudson (or hut son as anna kate says) was born that night - What an awesome gift for your birthday, a baby cousin -

We love baby Hudson so much and are so happy for Loni and Justin - God is so good and very very faithful.

Anna Kate's Birthday Party

Here are a few pictures of Anna Kate's Purple Polka Dot Painting Party! (thats what she called it). We had a couple of friends meet at the pottery place to paint and eat lunch and cupcakes. She had a great time and has talked about the party since that day.... It's hard to believe that my "baby girl" is 3 - Happy Birthday Bugs, we love you very much

Monday, September 20, 2010

Anna Kates Birthday

Tomorrow 9/21/10 is Anna Kates 3rd birthday. She is so sweet and funny. She loves Ava very much, and tries her hardest to be a "big" girl. She likes her school, is learning to like her dance class (which she tries VERY hard at) and has started taking "cheerleading" at her school. She likes to have her toes painted, play outside, and sing. She is a blessing to all of us, and I cannot imagine life with out her.... We love you Bugser - Happy Birthday

Party pics to come after tomorrow....

3 days old

1 year - at the pumpkin patch

2 years - at the park

3 years - at avas 5th birthday

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Pre K 3

Today was another BIG day for kates, she got to start her "school". She loved it last year and could not wait to start back. Brannon went in late today, and we both took her to school. But first we stopped by McDonalds and let her have a "special" breakfast.... of breakfast taco and apple juice. She was all smiles when we got there and waved at us when we left. I am so glad she likes it....

Anna Kate does "Ba-La-Let"

Kates got to start "balalet" as she calls it yesterday 9/7. They make you wait until at least 2 weeks before your 3 to start, so yesterday was her big day. She was so excited to go to "her" class and loved that she was doing what ava is doing. During class, she talked to all her new "friends" and tried her heart out. It was so sweet watching her try and do what the teacher was showing her, and in between she would try to look out the window to see me, and even if she couldnt see me, she would just wave. My little girl is growing up, makes a mommy sad......

August 31 2010

Ava's actual birthday was Tuesday August 31st. Its hard to believe she is 5 years old. Where does the time go? She had to spend her birthday at school, so Anna Kate and I went and ate lunch with her and took her a piece of birthday cake. After school, I picked up Ava and her friend Madeline, and took all 3 girls to get "pedicures" Once their toes were dry, we went to our neighborhood pool ate pizza and swam. I think its safe to say she had a GREAT day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We've started Kindergarten

Ava started school on August 23, its hard to believe she is already in kindergarten. On the sunday before school started, we went to a "blessing of the backpacks" at church. The girls loved that. Then monday Ava woke up and was pretty excited to be starting school. Until Anna Kate woke up that is. Anna Kate refused to tell her have a good day, hug her or anything. She DID NOT want Ava to go to school. She started crying, then Ava started crying. We thought we had it under control until we got to the school, Anna Kate was crying really LOUD "i want my aya" no aya" I know the parents in Ava's class must think we are crazy. I got a few pictures of the morning, most after the tears started. I didnt get any pictures of Ava at her desk the first day, because Anna Kate was clinging to her crying and Ava was clinging to Brannon trying to figure out why Kates was so upset. It was a VERY emotional morning. In the past 2 weeks, we have done much better, and Anna Kate actually starts her school in the morning. Ava is loving every minute of it, and comes home every day ready to tell us all about it.

(FYI - we had picked out a very cute dress and new hairbow for the first day of school, but at meet the teacher they told us that they wanted them to all wear something RED on the first day of school, and that on mondays, her class has PE and they HAVE to have on shorts/pants and tennis shoes to participate. We wore our cute dress the 2nd day of school)

Ava's 5th Birthday Party

This year, Ava and her friend Sydney decided to have a cmobined birthday party/end of year party. We invited all the girls from their class at the courtyard and then one friend each from outside of school. Neither of them had ever had a Sweet and Sassy birthday party, so thats what we decided to do, complete with a limo ride around Southlake at the end. It was GREAT hope you enjoy the pics

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 17-21

Ava started her 3rd year of tap and ballet this week. Anna Kate is going to start her 1st year also, but they are making her wait until 2 weeks before her birthday. Also on Thursday of this week, we got to go meet Ava's kindergarten teacher. She was excited to meet her teacher and see her new school and classroom. Friday she "graduated" from her pre-school, complete with cap and gown. only one person from her pre-k class is going to her new school, so we are looking forward to meeting new friends, but will miss our old ones too. Off to kindergarten we go......

Summer 2010

Here is a recap of our summer. we had Ava's 2nd Dance recital, then we went home for a week and celebrated my grandparents 60th anniversary. While we were there, we stayed with Loni and Justin, and then went to Athens to see Lacy Jeb Em and El. Brannon took the girls to ride horses, and we went to Tannehill. It was a fun trip. We went to a Rangers game, celebrated 4th of July with family and friends. Welcomed baby Will on 7/20, celebrated brannons birthday with a bowling party, I went home for baby Hudsons baby shower and thats our summer in a cliff notes version. I am going to try and post a few pics from summer, and I am going to make an honest effort to update weekly so those who care (my mom) can see what we are up too..